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7 Things You Can Do While Waiting for College Admission Decisions

7 Things You Can Do While Waiting for College Admission Decisions:

The application process was grueling, writing essays, taking and retaking tests, requesting letters, and recounting every activity you did for the past four years. Now you must wait. Weeks and months seem like a lifetime. The waiting can be agonizing. College admission decisions are one of the few things still done the old fashioned way, read and evaluated one at a time by human beings. That may change in time but for now you open your mail while holding your breath. So here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of your time.

1. If you have been deferred or waitlisted from your top choice school, send a letter stating that they remain your top choice and expect to attend should you be admitted. If this is not the case, say something that reflects your continued desire to go there but with less commitment.

2. If a school is willing to accept additional letters of recommendations (ask before sending) and you can get a glowing letter that adds another dimension to your application with new information, send it.

3. If you have some positive news to report such as an award or honor, a position of leadership, an internship, an athletic or an artistic achievement, update the admissions office as soon as possible.

4. Do something. Start a club, enter a contest, volunteer for a cause, then tell the admissions office about it. The clock is ticking but you would be surprised what you can accomplish in a weekend.

5. Apply for scholarships. Speak with your guidance counselor, read through your high school’s postings for scholarships. Investigate scholarship search engines like Fastweb and Collegeboard. Check local businesses, credit unions, banks and any affiliations you or your family may have. Generally, your chances of attaining a scholarship are better with smaller, local or group specific scholarships.

6. Keep your grades up.

7. Clean up your social media. Hopefully you did this before but in case you haven’t, it bears repeating. Colleges and employers do check social media. Changing your name does not insure your privacy. Use social media to your advantage. Post photos of you receiving awards, volunteering or playing an instrument.


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